Best Air Quality Index CO2 Sensor Tester

Best Air Quality Index CO2 Sensor Tester

Air Quality Index CO2 Gas Tester is used to monitor air AQI indoor ventilation level to take necessary action for purifying air quality to improve health and concentration. Nowadays air quality monitoring system is installed in schools, collage, nightclubs, hospitals, workplaces, theaters, pubs, restaurants, and other indoor public spaces to monitor air quality for health concerns.

High CO2 levels indicate AQI, insufficient ventilation, and feel suffocation while breathing, CO2 monitors help us to enable proactive action so that fresh air can blow in.

CO2 gas is colorless, odorless, and non-flammable, so it is impossible to detect its level, whether it is on the high side or low side. We can measure it through dedicated CO2 sensors only.

What does the Air Quality Index CO2 Gas Tester do?

Carbon Dioxide testers are used to check the air quality index at particular locations in various values in ppm.

Where is the CO2 sensor used?

A CO2 sensor is used to measure the presence of Carbon Dioxide levels. A high level of CO2 will affect room ventilation status, air quality, and CO2 emission level.

Mostly air quality sensor is used in hospitals, offices, school, theatre, controlled agriculture environment, food processing units, etc to measure indoor air quality.

Why do I need a CO2 sensor?

CO2 sensor detects the level of carbon dioxide emission and Air Quality Index in closed environments like classrooms, restaurants, and meeting halls so that we can take appropriate action to decrease its level by switching ON the air conditioner or opening windows so fresh air blows in.

How much CO2 is normal in a room?

CO2 measuring unit is ppm. It stands for Parts Per Million. There are different values related to CO2 presence in a closed environment. It is explained below.

The outdoor CO2 level is below 400 ppm is AQI a good level comparatively less than the indoor occupied room. As CO2 level indoors is on the higher side due to less ventilation and the presence of people in a room.

400-1000 ppm are the average levels found in occupied spaces with good air exchange.

1,000-2,000 ppm level associated with complaints of drowsiness and poor air.

2,000-5,000 ppm level associated with headaches, sleepiness, stale, and stagnant.

What is the meaning of AQI?

Air Quality Index

Best Carbon Dioxide Air Quality CO2 Sensor

CO2 sensors are used in various applications i.e, photosynthesis, respiration, CO2 consuming or producing processes, food preserving units, pharmaceutical, refrigeration, and many more.

Here are a few best Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Testors that also work as Air Quality detectors.

GZAIR Indoor CO2 Meter

This 04-star rating GZAIR model CO2 monitor is a desktop and wall-mountable Carbon Dioxide Testor that measure CO2 level in the air. This shows the real-time value of CO2 in ppm along with temperature and humidity.

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It has a maintenance-free NDIR ( non-dispersive infrared ) CO2 sensor. This device has a visible and audible option and it alarm when the CO2 level exceeds or is low down on set values by the user.

It is compatible with USB

CO2Meter RAD-0301 Mini CO2 Monitor

This mini CO2 monitor from is compact and easy to use to measure carbon dioxide levels and temperatures. It can be used in schools, offices, homes, or greenhouses.


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The CO2 level is shown on a large display with it has three LEDs i.e green, yellow, and red. This device has a range from 0-3000ppm with a response time of 02 minutes.

AIRATOM Carbon Dioxide Meter

AIRATOM Carbon Dioxide Meter is best for Mushroom houses and Cold Room processing units with NDIR Sensor having display range 0-5000ppm.


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It can be charged using USB and have an 08-hour backup 2400 mah lithium battery.

BIAOLING CO2 Gas Detector

BIAOLING Air Quality Monitor is a multi-gas detector for Carbon Monoxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Formaldehyde(HCHO), Volatile Organic Compound(TVOC), Particle Matter(PM2.5/PM10) with real-time data with mean value recording.


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This air quality monitor has a color LCD indication to show overall AQI quality which has Good(Green), Mild Pollution(Yellow), and Severe Pollution(Red).

Temtop M2000 Air Quality Monitor

This Hand-Held Air Quality Detector Temtop M2000 is a multifunctional Air Quality Monitor device with high precise electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, laser particle sensor, and carbon dioxide sensor based on NDIR. This can also detect PM2.5 PM10 Particles CO2 HCHO Temperature and Humidity.

Air Quality Index, CO2 Gas Tester

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It has features of an Audio alarm, colorful TFT display, ergonomic design, built-in rechargeable large-capacity battery with Easy Calibration.

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