Body Massage Therapy by Massage Chair

Body Massage Therapy by Massage Chair

Body massage is the kind of therapy to relieve pain, relax muscle tissue, stress physically and mentally. Massage therapy manipulates the soft tissues of the body, improve blood circulation, target trouble spots that give relaxation.

Massages are commonly applied by fingers, hands, elbows, forearms, feet, and with a device (that we are talking about in this post).

Benefits of Massage

  1. It helps in reducing the physiological burden of stress
  2. Gives relaxation
  3. Reduce muscle tension, neck, shoulder, and back pain
  4. Relieve from Headaches and body aches
  5. Enhance wellness

Massage Therapist

Deep tissue massage is given by massage therapists by rubbing and kneading the body using the hands by applying pressure and movement with varying degrees.

That’s good, but for that, we need to contact the massage therapist again and again. Either visit or call them at your place.

Massage Chair

Here is another option for body massage is using your own Massage Chair at your home at any time. Massage chairs act like massage therapists in the same way as they do with their hands, fingers, and elbows movement and apply pressure on the massage recipient body.

Here is the few best Massage Chair.

Robotouch Maxima Full Body Massage Chair

RoboTouch is a world-class, cutting-edge lifestyle brand from M/s Bhagyalaxmi Industries. The group is a mini conglomerate with diversified interests spanning the wider business spectrum. Bhagylaxmi is an iconic name with a market standing of more than 37 years.

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  • Powered by a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands
  • Built-in massage modes of shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, kneading and flapping combo, etc
  • Preset auto 2D shoulder detection and location for precise therapy and inbuilt memory levels M1, M2
  • Custom-built varieties including ache-relief, comfort, ease, upper body, lower body, etc
  • Air pressure massage delivered by 4 airbags to the upper arm, 8 airbags to full arm, 16 airbags to leg in three modes
  • Roller massage for two pairs of papillae on toe root and skin scraping massage for arch and heel mastoid
  • Carbon fiber powered heat release feature for the back with LED lighting on the armrest
  • Extendable calf rest, adjustable leg rest, and zero space-occupying recline angle

Lixo Massage Chair LI7001 – Hybrid Massage Lounger

The Lixo Massage Chair – LI7001 is a Supreme Hybrid Massage Lounger. 30 plus Innovative massage techniques – The ultimate massage experience for an active life for a home full body recliner.

The massage chair is designed with multiple massage mechanisms and is one of the best massage chairs for full-body pain relief.

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Super Flexible Track Graphene ultrafast heat up One press control sliding wall hugger design Bi-direction stretch patented footrest.

The body massage chair machine for home is designed with multiple controls that make the massage chair the best in the market. The massage chair is also portable.

HybriFlex – the innovative bendable flexible message track.

FullBodyReach – Multistroke 6-Roller System. Synchronized Massage Experience.

Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism – Pinpoint shoulder positioning technology, deep tissue massage, Shoulder pressing massage, Pushing-up massage for back.

JSB MZ22 Heavy Duty Full Body Massage Chair

This zero gravity chair is designed with perfection to cover all muscle aches of your body.

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After a hectic day, our body needs relaxation. We ideally take rest by sleeping or having a hot shower. If you want to give your body relaxation in a better way, then the best is to sit on the massage chair. Having lots of massage modes to choose from, the chair is the ultimate destination to de-stress yourself.

With the JSB MZ22, you can expect the following health benefits :

  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Proper Foot Care
  • We Care for your Back
  • Pain Relief
  • Full Body Relaxation

Shiatsu Massage Chair for Full Body Massage

KosmoCare Shiatsu Massage chair for Stress Relief. It pressure-point detection scans your shoulders and locates strategic points precisely. A massage chair can detect massage points on the upper body, shoulder position automatically and adjust them.

Helps in relieving muscle tension and better blood circulation. Our Massage Chair also adjusts the shoulder airbags manually as per the user’s shoulder width.

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5 Massage Techniques Rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping, and massaging on the head, neck, back, waist and hips can eliminate the whole body’s fatigue.

The KosmoCare Full Body Massager has 6 seat airbags & 24 legrest airbags in it.

The Full Body Massage Chair has an adjustable backrest and legrest with an electric actuator. The footrest can be flexibly stretched out or drawn back within 13.50 cm, ideal for people of different body heights.

The KosmoCare Body Massager has an active flip cover, intelligent sound & a light navigation system. The buttons perfectly differentiate the colors and graphics of all the functions and features of the massage chair.

Healthy Body by Massage

Many people believe that it is the spine only that keeps our body upright. But this is not completely true. It’s the Muscles that play an important role in our body structure that make us stand upright and move. A not well-developed muscle or one that is tensed by tension is not helpful for a healthy body.

Massage therapy delivers a powerhouse of health benefits. Virtually every system in the body is affected by massage, either directly or indirectly.

Improved circulation of blood brings nutrients to the bones for a stronger, healthier skeletal system. Muscles are relaxed, reducing muscular tension. Stress is alleviated, resulting in a healthier nervous system.

Massage helps clear the body of waste products, enhancing the lymphatic system and digestive system.


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