DOCOSS TSA Approved Metal Luggage Padlock Price:  395.00 (as of 30/08/2020 05:36 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

DOCOSS TSA Approved Metal Luggage Padlock is 4 Digit Combination can also be used for anything like Smaller lockers & cabinets, cases & bags, chains, hasps, and more.

✅ Quality you feel and simple to use.
✅ Set your own combination for easy combination recall and convenience.
✅ The solid construction of high-quality zinc alloy and plated steel.
✅ Discourage the thief With the tough 4-digit locks with 10,000 of possibilities which cannot be cracked.
✅ This TSA approved luggage locks are designed and tested to withstand the rigors of travel.


DOCOSS TSA Approved Metal Luggage Padlock

DOCOSS TSA Approved Metal Luggage Padlock allows TSA screeners to inspect your luggage without damaging the locks. This TSA lock is 4 Digit Combination can also be used for anything that a padlock could be used for like Smaller lockers & cabinets, cases & bags, chains, hasps, and more.

Durable Material

Constructed with zinc alloy and the Travel Sentry Approved and Transportation Security Administration Approved lock withstands the rigors of baggage handling.

TSA Approved Padlock

100% of STEEL CONSTRUCTION won’t break or cut. Fly through international airport security with confidence! Our luggage locks are constructed from high-quality steel to stand up to your heavy-duty travel schedule.

Security Officers at the airport have this master key.

Luggage locks approved by the TSA have a universal master key with code as shown that will open the locks. Only the security officers at the airport have a copy of this master key. TSA locks are required for all people traveling to the USA or other countries. If the luggage is fitted with any lock other than those approved by the TSA, they will destroy whatever lock is fitted to gain access for security

Stainless Steel Tumbler

The low-grade steel and iron used in most travel locks will rust and freeze up if exposed to water.
No Oxidation. Other travel locks use brass in the tumbler system. Brass will oxidize and freeze up over time, especially in humid environments.

Travel Sentry Approved for Airline Travel

As a global leader in security-related products and services, the DOCOSS name is synonymous with top quality merchandise to keep you and your valuables safe. Credit to this tradition, our line of travel luggage locks are TSA recognized and Travel Sentry Approved.

Quality Construction

Locks are constructed with a solid metal, are enhanced by a chrome-plated steel shackle, and are TSA Accepted / Travel Sentry Approved. This means TSA airport security can open, inspect, and re-secure your baggage without cutting the lock off, ensuring your belongings stay safe through your journey.

Secure Your Belongings While on the Go

This product is ideal for all types of luggage, backpacks, travel golf bags, briefcases, or any bag where you want an added level of security. For ease of travel, our luggage locks can be purchased in either a two or a four-pack.

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