Miko My Companion Emotix Miko 2

✅ Miko My Companion Emotix Miko 2 makes learning fun through conversations. Loaded with the academic syllabus, news updates, facts about the world, and much more!
✅ Full of educative and fun games, Miko 2 can play music, dance, tell stories, riddles, rhymes, and fun-facts & even do the moonwalk!
✅ Equipped with an emotional intelligence machine, Miko 2 identifies, recollects, and remembers the child’s moods, growing with the child with every interaction.


Miko My Companion Emotix Miko 2

Miko My Companion Emotix Miko 2 with TeleConnect, it helps you stay in touch with your child anytime, anywhere through video calling & remote navigation.
A trustable little robot, with data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child’s data remains secure. With profanity filters, age-appropriate content, and culturally-neutral suggestions, it is 100% child-safe.

Key Benefits Miko 2

Content developed by experienced professional educators for kids.
Conversational learning style proven to enhance kids’ learning experience.
Advanced facial and voice recognition to recognize and react to kids.
Powerful yet secure technology.

Miko 2 Educates

Miko 2 gives little learners the best of children’s content, developed by educators for kids. Miko 2 helps kids explore this rich world of knowledge using a conversational style proven to enhance the learning experience.

Miko 2 Engages

Miko 2 uses advanced facial and voice recognition to recognize and react to your child. By leveraging this powerful yet secure technology, Miko 2 gets to know your child more with each interaction—taking engagement to new heights

Miko 2 Entertains

Miko 2 can sing. Miko 2 can dance. Miko 2 can narrate stories, play games, and chat intelligently with your child. With Miko 2, there’s no limit to the kid-friendly experiences that children can explore—or the “fun” factor that keeps them coming back for more.

Miko 2 can See

This smart assistant can identify, remember, and also recognize known objects, faces, and surroundings.

Miko 2 can TeleConnect

Through this path-breaking feature, parents can stay connected with their kids anytime, anywhere through video calls.TeleConnect also allows parents to remotely navigate Miko 2 around to see what their little one is up to!

Miko 2 can Teach

Using the conversational learning style, this device can teach your kid about various topics, such as health, science, nature, literature, etc.

Miko 2 can Learn

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, this device can learn the user’s preferences to deliver customized operations.

Miko 2 Features

Artificial Intelligence, Sensors, and Robotics!
1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Dual MEMS microphone
World’s Smallest Laser ranging module
HD Wide Angle Camera
9 Axis MEMS IMU Inertial Sensor
Capacitive touch sensor for navigation
Dual High Sensitivity Long-Distance Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor for Edge Detection
Hall Effect Sensors

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