Milton Thermosteel Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Milton Thermosteel Stainless Steel Water Bottle is Stainless Steel, Double wall keeps liquid hot/cold up to 24 hrs best usage for Gym, Sports, School, Outdoors.


Milton Thermosteel Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Milton has brought to you this handy flask-bottle. Part of the Milton Thermosteel Stainless Steel Water Bottle range, this stainless steel 1.7L capacity bottle is also a flask. Its vacuum insulated construction keeps both hot and cold beverages pleasant to consume for long durations, while the stainless steel body is sturdy and safe for holding your drinks.
This easy to clean bottle is also a breeze to maintain and can be carried with you anywhere, ensuring that you always have a cuppa ready when you need it.

Corrosion-resistant steel bottle

This vacuum-insulated convenient flask from the trusted brand of Milton sports a corrosion-resistant steel body, both inside and outside. The stainless steel material makes this flask rust-resistant which adds to its longevity. This flask is therefore safe, durable, and efficient at storing your beverages for longer periods of time.

Copper inner-coating for better temperature regulation

Carry this vacuum-insulated Milton flask with you on the road to keep your drinks fresh for a long time. It is suitable for holding both hot and cold beverages while retaining their temperature for a long time. Your beverage, whether hot or cold, will be kept from reaching room temperature for a sufficient duration.

1700ml capacity

If you love going on road trips and prefer to take your favorite beverage along with yourself, then this Milton flask is for you. Its 1700 ml capacity makes it suitable for all lone travelers who do not want to rely on roadside stalls to get the fill of their preferred beverage

Simple threaded lid for easy use

To avoid the risk of spillage as well as aid in your convenience, this flask from Milton comes with a simple threaded lid which can be unscrewed easily even on-the-go.

Portable design

This flask-bottle is suitable for users who are active and constantly on the move as it is easy to carry. To add to its convenience, it sports a compact and sleek body. Slip this flask into any of the side compartments of your backpack for easy portability and access.

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