Projector Light for Home Decoration

This Projector Light for Home Decoration is a new popular night light projector bring the incredible beauty of the universe into your room.

The best night lamp for children’s room, your meditation room, your bedroom, it’s light gives a romantic evening or best for the night party and can be used as a desk lamp in the bedroom.


Projector Light for Home Decoration

Projector Light for Home Decoration for night lightings gives a feeling like a galaxy fill with stars and the moon so that you feel that you are laying under the stars. This light decoration gives a universal astronomical scenario to the child room and also creates a romantic atmosphere for couples.

This projector has 4 LED starry bulbs with the 360-degree panoramic rotation so that you and your children feel like being placed in the beautiful galaxy feels like vivid colors stars swirling and twinkling around the room, can be used as a desk lamp in the bedroom.

For using star protector lamps just open the white lid cover shell, change the projection light in a second, and create the most romantic scene, a perfect gift for lovers, friends, families.

Best for the opening ceremony, birthday, award ceremony, business gift, advertising promotion, an anniversary celebration, public relations planning, exhibition, festival, employee benefits, relocation.

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