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santa claus

Here is the last month of the year i.e December and coming Events are Christmas Day and New year. Usually, peoples are in a full fun mood during this month as this is the year going on a month and a new year is coming with new plans & resolutions, and secondly, a big festival of Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December. This event is also known as the big day. Santa Claus comes to give gifts to children.

What is the story of Santa Claus?

According to Christian tradition, Santa Claus was a bishop named St. Nicholas in that small Roman town during the 4th century. Nicholas was known for generosity and kindness, he performed for the poor, unhappy, and brought joy to children.

Why Christmas Day is celebrated?

Christmas is a religious and cultural celebration among Christians in memory of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians believed Jesus was the Son of God.

Why is Christmas on 25 December?

The first recorded celebration of Xmas was in 336 as on 25 December during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine. The Roman Catholic Church chose to mark this day as Jesus’s birthday. So technically the Romans invented this celebration. And nowadays it is celebrated all around the world.

How Christmas Day is Celebrated?

People celebrated it after Sunset to before Sunrise the next day. A Christmas Tree is decorated with lights, exchange gifts, attend church prayer, social gathering with family & friends and of course peoples wait for Santa Claus to come and gives gifts to children.

Christmas Day is also called Noel, Nativity, and Xmas in many countries.

People’s wishes to each other by saying Merry Christmas and exchanging gifts. Here are the few collections of gifts that we would like to give to our beloved ones.

Best Christmas gifts

The Holy Wooden Cross

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This is Wooden Cross for the occasion of Saint Nicholas Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Best Usable for Christmas Decoration or Xmas gift.

Philips Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver

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A body grooming product for your beloved one.

Wall Mount Wine Rack with Glass Holder

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If you love to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of your crazy day or like to entertain at your home. This wine rack and glass holder are ideal for any wine lover.

Christmas Tree

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Grow a little Christmas cheer this year. Easy to Assemble Artificial Pine Christmas Tree. Comes with a metal Stands for Strong Support. It can be easily assembled without any external help and is strong enough to hold lots of decorative items.

Christmas Santa Claus Outfit

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Santa Costume Included:
1. Red Santa Claus zipper jacket
2. Green Furry High Stretch Waist Pants
3. Latex masks have holes above the eyes and breathing holes in the nostrils
4. Red Santa hat
5. Belt with Buckle
6. A pair of green furry gloves
7. A pair of red velvet socks.

Golden Christmas Tree Baubles Balls

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Perfect for Christmas tree decoration, Wedding Ceremony, Bridal Shower Party, Home Garden Decoration, Hanging Decor.

Teddy Bear for Girls

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Teddy bears are one of the most loved traditional and timeless toys for children and young girls. They talked to the teddy bear or move with it, but a teddy bear is simply for hugging and loving.

Santa Beard And Wig

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Beard and wig is essential costume part of Santa Claus.


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